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LAP: a Local Access Proposal

A Journey through Community, LAP is a BIG little word within which lies some keys for the in-formation transformation patterned after natural systems. Transformation cannot be extracted like a commodity, made like a product, delivered like a service or even staged like an experience. It can be guided. We trust that LAP can provide you one such guide.

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LAP Hapís... for all Local Access Pilots to Look At Possibilities

  • Healing 911 shares resources and stories to empower community from the crisis.
  • 911Network launched as a non-profit working platform to increase awareness and appreciation for all cultures.
  • The National Park and Recreation Association brings itís annual Congress to Denver, CO, 10/3-10/6.
      • Park Your Heart seeks to lap Parks and Recreation professionals with all citizens
  • The Community Technology Centers Network (CTCNet) 10th annual Conference entitled ďAdvancing Community Technology: The Next Wave...
  • Download The Next Wave LAPs (a visual interface using TheBrain Technologies representing the Bios, Session Presentations, Free Tools and a host of Programs for CTCís). 2 Steps required...(sorry, it supports Windows PCs only, no Mac version available)...

      1) Download Personal Brain (v. 2.0) , then install it on your desktop by double clicking the downloaded file.

      2) Download The Next Wave LAPs file which contains the content for The Brain.

      Once you have The Brain installed and have downloaded the content (called The Next Wave LAPs), double clicking on The Next Wave LAPs file will launch The Brain and open The Next Wave LAPs. Add YOUR thoughts by submitting them via the web form here.

  • Add YOUR voice to the Lap
  • National Recreation and Parks Association and LAP (NRPA-LAP:ListServ)
  • National Recreation and Parks Association LAP: Gathering in the Future (Reno LAP)
  • Running LAPís, ABILITY Magazine shares the whole story: Part I, Part II
  • Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) LAPs, local community symposiums in 2002
  • Creating Chaordic Organizations Conference and Chaordic Commons Discussion
  • Niagara Centre for Community Leadership, launches a Community Access Program

Max Gail, LAP Caretaker

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